Art Commissions by Lisa Anne Rego

Treasure the moment

Celebrate it forever

Oil on Canvas

Price Overview

Canvas Prices start at $9500 upwards depending on complexity and number of children etc.
Canvas sizes – 18x36” (panoramic) and 21 x 28” (regular rectangle). These prices are higher when subsequent image is an exclusive work and does not join the gallery folio.

The Process

Success is guaranteed when both the client and Lisa-Anne work together to ‘marry’ their artistic wish with Lisa’s artistic vision. A preliminary phone call can be useful to establish a rough sense of the project, cost & timeline. Once that is agreed Lisa-Anne makes a site visit to establish the best time of day for the subsequent photoshoot. A life-size ‘sketch board’ is created for clients to view details such as scale of children etc. and how it works on intended art wall. This is especially important when children are captured within a scenic setting.

Once the client is completely satisfied with the sketch board is a 50% deposit made & the balance due on the artwork’s successful completion. Lisa-Anne can also offer free framing advice at the end of the process. Artwork is then photographed and colour proofed to make canvas prints that can make wonderful gifts for my clients to order as well.

Give the gift of a lifetime to the family you treasure. Studio space is extremely limited so early bookings 6-12 months ahead of time are advised. Just 1 spot a year for luxury home commissions & children in scenic settings.

Check out the slideshow below featuring Lisa's Step by step proccess of "Spirit of Bermuda II"

Treasure The Moment