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Lisa Rego
Collection: Child studies

Afternoon Light. This painting depicts two sisters outside a Bermuda veranda surrounded by lush foliage. The younger sister feels dominated by the older sister and their expressions are captured well. This giclee on canvas particularly suits the use of brushwork medium. Edition size 100 and has just been released. In The Balance. This is an early study that began the artist`s interest in combining warm, smooth skin tones with colourful rought walls. The young subject is in deep thought sitting outside his front porch. In The Shadows. This is an oil painting showing a group of children situated below a group of tall palm trees in Hamilton. Available as a limited edition - size 100. Surprised. This painting shows a young boy being surprised by his cat. It is a very painterly piece of work and more intuitive than most of my pieces. In many ways I agree with Christ`s insight that children are closer to God than adults, in that their hearts are more pliable and forgiving. They choose to see the best in those around them. I enjoyed the contrasts between the boy`s smooth skin and rough walls and this was my first interbationally juried painting that was part of the Bermuda Biennial in 2002. It truly inspired my series of children talking alongside colourful Bermuda buildings. Boy’s portrait.
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