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Celebrating 10 years of inspiring images of Bermuda and America's Cup

  » Mar 27, 2017  


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Voted Top 50 Emerging Artist in the USA!


Lisa-Anne was born on the island of Bermuda but spent most of her life in England, where she showed a keen interest in art. She never could forget the beauty of her birthplace and in 2001 she returned to Bermuda as artist-in-residence with the Masterworks Foundation.

Lisa-Anne studied Drawing and Painting at the world-renowned Glasgow School of Art in Scotland, but found her artistic inspiration more focused and assured in Bermuda. Her favorite motif includes capturing local children in front of old traditional Bermuda cottages.

Lisa-Anne’s paintings often feature in the Bermuda Biennial, which is hosted at the Bermuda National Gallery, judged by overseas art curators. Lisa-Anne has opened a new gallery in the Clock Tower Mall in Dockyard, where she loves to talk directly with customers regarding her artistic vision and originals and high-quality reproductions.


Lisa-Anne has created a dynamic view of all six AC vessels hydra-foiling with crew members working hard upon Bermuda's cyan waters. Now available in a variety of giclee sizes and as an original on canvas also,

AC Vessels captured by Lisa Rego, depicted sailing in the Great Sound!

This painting was inspired by Lisa-Anne's great love for both St George's 'terraced-style' architecture, combined with a visit to Burano,Venice, a few years ago. It was her quest to find buildings similar to her own in Bermuda, but with each colorful cottage adjoining one another. Despite language difficulties Lisa- Anne attempted to locate models suitable for her narrative. The painting has a timeless narrative of a grandmother observing her grandson with a 'Hopperesque' use of dramatic lighting effects.

Available as an original oil on canvas or a hand embellished giclee.

The latest painting by Lisa depicting a street on the island of Burano, near Venice, which the artist visited. The buildings are somewhat similar to her island home. The amazing reflections of this piece,combined with the vibrant colors of the building, make it one of the artist's favorite works. This would make a very special gift for Christmas! This work is quite unique in that it is the artist's first painting outside of her Bermudian collection of images.
Size: 21 x 28" Oil on canvas ( price on request)

Artist Lisa-Anne Rego was voted as one of "Top 50 Emerging Artist" in USA for 2012! Following her inaugural art exhibition in Miami, FL in November 2011. Take a tour of her work during Art Week in the video below!

This is a very popular style of stretching. It is perfect when the artwork needs to be presented and/or hang without a frame. This type of stretching also works perfectly with floater frames.

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