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Voted Top 50 Emerging Artist in the USA!


Artistís Statement

I particularly enjoy capturing the effect of Bermuda’s light and colorful shadows as they fall across buildings and water. My island is famous for being extremely beautiful and abounding in color, both in nature and in our own local architecture. The combination of opposites in art constantly arrest my attention, namely light and dark, smooth and rough surfaces, cold and warm colors, man-made and natural shapes etc. I am quite mathematical and wrote a thesis at art school on the underlying mathematical order found in harmonious paintings and indeed natural growth patterns found in nature. This mathematical appreciation of proportion contributing to visual interest and balance is hopefully apparent in my work.

My art and my faith:

My greatest passion is to honor the Lord Jesus Christ in my work in whom ‘I live, move and have my being’. I enjoy sharing my knowledge in art in my gallery and my own artistic vision. It is my hope that I will one day have an exhibition in a museum in the United States within my lifetime. I strongly believe that there are more discoveries in my art ahead. I am very honored to have attended a very famous art school that had students selected from all over Europe and to have learnt so much from working alongside them. I hope you enjoy my work and the meditations on youth, health and the everyday beauty found in my island-home, which I was apart from for 24 years! My gallery visitors share a deep love for Bermuda and that is why we always have so much to share! I look forward to fresh insight and hope my work touches your hearts and minds.


Biography of  Lisa-Anne Rego

1971 Born in Bermuda
1983-90 Cardinal Newman, Hove , East Sussex, England
1990-91 Foundation Studies (Art & Design)
1991-94 Glasgow School of Art, B.A Hons Fine Art (Drawing and Painting)
1995-96 St.Andrew's College of Education P.G.C.E. Art & Design
2001 Artist-in-Residence, Masterworks Foundation, Bermuda
Solo Exhibitions
2001 Masterworks Gallery, Artist-in-Residence Exhibition
2001 Bermuda Society of Arts, "32.18N 65.00W…a new view of home."
2001 BF&M Insurance, Ace Atrium, "Heart of the matter"
Group Exhibitions
1991 Hastings Museum and Art Gallery, "Travels' Exhibition"
1992 Aberdeen Museum and Art Gallery, Scottish Art Students Show
1992 The Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, Scotland, Third Year Scottish Art Students Show
1993 The McLellan Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland, R.G.I. Student Exhibition
2002 Bacardi Biennial, Bermuda National Gallery
2008 Bacardi Biennial, Bermuda National Gallery

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