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The Royal Gazette, Wednesday, May 30th, 2001 / By Nancy Acton

Lisa-Anne Rediscovers Her Art Heritage.

Although she left here at age eight, Bermudian Lisa-Anne Rego never forgot her roots. Every summer until she was 13 she returned to visit relatives, and then again in 1990 before beginning her college education. Eight years would then pass until she was able to return , at which time she fell in love with the Island's beauty all over again, and the elements which make it special: the architecture, the people, the scenery.

As an artist, Miss Rego was hooked, and from then on she has returned each year to continue adding to what she calls her Bermuda Collection - an open ended series of oils

And pastels featuring street scenes, architectural features, the sea and sky, and ordinary people.

During her visits, she paints some subjects, and also photographs and sketches others which delight her, which she later commits to canvas or paper in her Scottish studio.

A resident of Glasgow, UK, Miss Rego began her foundation course in art and design at Brighton Polytechnic, where she won the coveted Artist of the Year award in East Sussex.

"Because my training was in the figurative tradition I knew I would have the currency to get me into the most competitive school in the country apart from the Slade" she says of that award. "Glasgow had revived interest in the figurative tradition, and there were some students who became world famous in the 1980s, which gave it a very prestigious reputation. Their ideals fitted perfectly with mine."

In fact, Miss Rego was one of just eight successful applicants out of 900, and on the strength of her talent was admitted to the second year of her degree programme. In 1994 she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in drawing and painting from Glasgow School of Art, and a keenness for photography.

"Then I discovered that I enjoyed passing on information about art, so the natural conclusion was to train as an art teacher at St. Andrew's College," she says. "I believe it has made me a stronger artist."

Thus she gained a post graduate Certificate of Education in art and design.

In Glasgow, Miss Rego currently divides her time between teaching art at Hamilton College, a private school, and pursuing her Bermuda project.

"Being a Rego, we always believe that whatever you do you consider it clearly and make it as successful as possible, so the Bermuda Collection has been a wholehearted effort of mine for three years," she says.

Currently artist-in-residence at Masterworks Terrace Gallery in Dockyard for a few months, she is busy preparing for three upcoming exhibitions here.

The first, from June 1 to 14 at the Masterworks Gallery on Front Street, will feature works created during her current artist in residency.

"It is my first international show," Miss Rego notes.

The 'Al Fresco' group show at the Arts Center at Dockyard, which opens on July 8, will include three of her works.

The third, entitled '32.18N 65.00W - A New View of Home', will take place in the Bermuda Society of Arts gallery at City Hall beginning on July 6. This exhibition will also include some children's art created by Miss Rego's Scottish students and Bermuda High School for Girls students whom she taught at art camp last summer.

For each exhibition, the artist who also does portraits on commission will offer new works, although the overall subject remains the same: her beloved Bermuda.

Asked why she remains so passionate about her homeland, Miss Rego responds: "You can see evidence of the creator's work in Bermuda because there is such a variety of natural forms which are stunning to the eye, so as an artist it is very inspiring to be here."

Summing up her art, she says: "It is by a Bermudian who has lived abroad who identifies extremely well with the culture. Someone who is looking at Bermuda from different angles."

For further information on Miss Rego's forthcoming exhibitions, commissions, or the availability of her prints throughout the Island call 234-0701

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